work against mirzayat.TEHREEK -E-TAHAFUZ ISLAM PAKLISTAN was eastablished after 15 june 2007,when a brave muslim namely saqib shakeel killed a qadiyani gustahk e rasool.since date we work against the qadiyaniat and all of gustakhan e rasool.GHAZI MOHAMMADSAQIB SHAKEEL IS AMEER OF TEHREEK -E-TAHAFUZ ISLAM PAKLISTAN . Peer Jammat Ali has rendered great services for anti-Qadiyaniat cause. At Mirza Qadiyani's claim of Prophet Hood, he promulgated a five-point challenge that

Firstly, a true Prophet cannot be the disciple of anyone.

Secondly, after the age of forty, every Prophet declares His Prophet Hood with the command of God. He does not get the status of Prophet gradually.

Thirdly, from Hazrat Adam (AS) to Muhammad (SAW) all the Prophets had a single name. A true Prophet cannot have a compound name.

Fourthly, a true Prophet does not leave any legacy behind him.

Fifthly, as no other can be associated with God, in the same way no one can be an accomplice with Muhammad (SAW).

By this time, no Qadiyani or Mirzai could challenge the authenticity of these arguments.

Any type of cooperationration with these people is prohibited.